The Bloody Grail Murder Mystery

THE SCENE: A Medieval Fayre at Salisbury Castle Guests attending as knights and ladies of the round table are celebrating the discovery of a precious artefact that promises to reveal the location of the legendary Holy Grail.
Each guest is an expert in their field, mainly historians and grail lore fanatics, and had been earnestly working together over the past few months. Finally their collaboration at a dig site under the mythical Stonehenge had resulted in triumph!

The wine flowed abundantly and everyone partook in excited discussions ranging from Arthurian lore to the Stonehenge legend when the festivities came to an untimely halt: Following a petrified scream emanating from the library, the partygoers discovered the body of Kathleen Kenyon-Loret drenched in an unhealthy pool of her own blood. As a storm rages outside the ominous castle walls, suspects need to discover the identity of the killer before another victim joins Kathleen in the hereafter.

Join us for a game filled with mystery and mischief as suspects are transported back in time to expose scandalous secrets and pompous plots to solve this bloodcurdling mystery.


The Bloody Grail FAQ

Is there an age restriction to those who would like to attend?
We suggest a minimum age of 16 years. If you have children under age who wish to participating we recommend that you check out a bloodless plot for mysteries without murderous intent on www.bepartofthemystery.com

How many people can attend?
Bepartofthemystery.com game scripts are designed for 8 or 10 players. You can either join a table or book a table or two for your party. The 8 characters consist of 4 male and 4 female roles. (Cross-dressing is encouraged if you don’t have even numbers)

What happens after my ticket purchase?
You will be sent a reservation notification and you will be requested to share the following information:

  • Guest name and surnames
  • Mobile numbers (to send any event notifications)
  • Email addresses (to send individual character descriptions)
    Please indicate who are couples and the gender of each guest so that we assign the correct character description to each one of your guests.

We will send each guest their TOP SECRET character description. (This will be done after the RSVP deadline one week before the event)

Do I have to dress up?
Dressing up is not a must but it is strongly advised to help you get into the mood of the game. Dressing up will also help your fellow players identify and remember your character more clearly and it adds to the fun and laughter.

What happens at the mystery event?
Each guest will receive a mystery booklet which will be guide all suspects through a set of clues – no need to print your character descriptions.

As our games are not scripted; you will use your own savvy and initiative to follow the clues, investigate evidence and interrogate suspects in an effort to catch the killer at your table.

Every table at our event will have the same character set and will be busy solving the same crime at the same time.

Do I have to have acting experience to play along?
Not at all! Your interpretation of the character is completely up to you. It is more important that you participate; if you can act it will be an added bonus to your guest’s entertainment.

What if I can’t make it on the day?
Once you have reserved your seats our cancellation and character replacement policy applies. In a nutshell: if you or one of your friends cannot make it anymore, to ensure that your game is complete you or your friend should find a substitute. If you cannot find one your game will have to go on with a missing character and our host will fill in the gaps to the best of their ability.


  • A minimum booking of 2 guests is needed. You can also book a table of 8 or more than one table depending on the size of your group.
  • If you book for 2 or more but less than 8; confirmation of your game is subject to other guests joining your table to fill up all 8 seats.



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