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The Banquet

“ɨʄ ʍօʀɛ օʄ ʊֆ ʋǟʟʊɛɖ ʄօօɖ ǟռɖ ƈɦɛɛʀ ǟռɖ ֆօռɢ ǟɮօʋɛ ɦօǟʀɖɛɖ ɢօʟɖ, ɨȶ աօʊʟɖ ɮɛ ǟ ʍɛʀʀɨɛʀ աօʀʟɖ.”

We combine breakfast, second breakfast, elevenses, lunch tea and dinner with a feast fit for hobbits, wizards, elves and orcs alike at Medieval Fayre 2022: There & Back Again!
Roasted and boiled meats, rich stews, platters of buttered root vegetables, sharp, welcome greens and sweet fruits and nuts meant a rich feast and full bellies. Large amounts of alcohol will be eagerly consumed – ale and mead for all with heady fruit wines.

A feast, a feast for ye we serve
pottage galore and some dessert we heard.
At our banquet table, whether warrior or wench,
you will eat like a King, book your spot on the bench.

Book your seat at the Banquet and feast like a King.
All are welcome, no royal blood is necessary.
R320 gets you a seat at the banquet (R200 for the wee ones)

Limited seats available – book here:
*Please note that this ticket ! Those need to be bought separately.


Thick Pottage: Slow cooked beef pottage with vegetables and a side of home made bread

Pork belly, low and slow with crispy crackled fat. Chicken leg quarter accompanied by roasted potatoes, carrots,mushrooms and marrows drenched in hearty gravy
VEGETARIAN OPTION: Black mushrooms, breads and roasted seasonal vegetables

Medieval apple roses

For more info on #Medieval2022:

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