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The Quest

Be hasty, be brave, be victorious and get back to Ye Olde Info Boothe first with as many challenges completed as you dare, to get perchance be the winner of all the loot!

ENTRY: R30 per person, payable at the Info Booth on the day

You get a R10 discount AND one bonus point for printing your own quest sheet as well as for registering for the quest before the event. (Just email and announce in the most grandiose of manners thy intention to compete)

  • You will need to check in at Ye Olde Info Boothe at Medieval Fayre  from 11:30 on the 6th June 2020 to begin your Quest.
  • Review the printed tasks and challenges on the quest sheet and complete each one as an indication of your strength and skill. As you complete each task, mark it appropriately in the “Done” column and ensure that a relevant witness signs off for you.
  • Get bonus points for evidence!
  • Once you’ve completed all the challenges you wish to attempt, return the form to the Ye Olde Info Boothe by 4:00pm, be in line for the GRAND PRIZE to be announced at the Fayre at 4:30pm.
    You have to be there to collect your winnings.

Your chance to win prizes increases based on the number of challenges you manage to complete. But please remember the following:

  1. Thou shalt be honourable in your conduct during the pursuit of this quest – this is strongly based on the chivalry system, PLEASE BE TRUTHFUL!
  2. Thou shalt respect thy fellow man on the quest.
  3. This quest must be undertaken alone. You may bring your war band along to guide your moral compass, but you must compete alone.
  4. Thou shalt not interfere in the smooth running of the event in order to complete a task.

Breaking any rule is grounds for disqualification!

Be hasty, be brave, be victorious and get back to Ye Olde Info Boothe first with as many challenges completed as you dare, to get perchance The Holy Grail!

The victor at the end of the day will be the knightly human that gains the highest number of points by completing as many challenges as possible. In the event of a tie, the fastest wins.

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